So here’s the painting process of that picture I just posted! It’s sped up a lot and the quality isn’t great, but i haven’t recorded a whole painting in a long time so here’s this. 

the original painting is here

Megaladon isn’t real. Just this asshole. 


two arms too many 

finished OC commission for rainywithachanceofstars! I dont want to talk about how many time i redrew his mouth, but dang is he a cutie. 

i made David a merman and i don’t really have an explanation why 

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A commission for a friend of their nasty ass ghoul OC. This is the “censored” version (i just cut out the blood tbh). 

A commission for a friend of their nasty ass ghoul OC. This is the “censored” version (i just cut out the blood tbh). 

Hi my name is Bug and I could use some help paying for my education. I can’t afford a laptop or my textbooks and the job I’m working now is not giving me any hours. I hate this sort of begging shtick but you get the idea. 

As of now, i only have 5 slots available to avoid getting bogged down. You can check up on availability over here: x

I’ll draw just about anything as far as content goes, just know I can’t really draw animals and backgrounds are NOT included in the pricing below. I hold the right to decline illustrating something if it makes me uncomfortable. 

So what do I have available then? Lookey here—


SKETCHES (EXAMPLES: x, x) — Comes with one base color

  • Bust: 5$
  • Half Body: 10$ 
  • Whole Body: 15$ 

LINEART (EXAMPLES: x, x, x) — Comes with two base colors

  • Bust: 7$ 
  • Half Body: 15$ 
  • Whole Body: 20$ 


  • Add base colors to any sketch / lineart for 5$ 
  • Add base colors and shading to any sketch / lineart for 10$ 


  • Each extra character is an additional 50%. So if your original price is 10$, every additional character would cost 5$ 


PAINTINGS (EXAMPLES: x, x, x) — Comes fully colored! 

  • Portrait: 10$
  • Half Body and Whole body range in price depending on complexity. 

If you are interested in commissioning me, please drop me a message here telling me you are interested. I will give you my email for further details. I accept payment through paypal only! 

i was working on something else, but i wanted to practice some quick lineart techniques and then suddenly these two eggs showed up. 

warrior orc vasha and her tiny elf companion maxis. These nerd belong to this nerd 

So i should have posted this a few days ago, but i kept putting it off because im good at that even though this has been finished for a while????

ANYWAY, I’ve been keeping up with Ava’s Demon for a while, and I saw that a “design your own demon" contest was being held, so I decided to give it a try, even if I highly doubt I’ll win haha. Either way, I loooveeee designing humanoid creatures and now I’m emotionally attached to this nerd I’ve created. 

His name is Braun (pronounced like ‘brawn’) Ptolemas, and despite his first name, he’s pretty much useless when it comes to fighting. He’s a traveller; an explorer that likes to discover new things. But he’s especially timid and therefore gets scared easily and usually looks like he’s about to cry. He’s not loyal to ideas or movements, but he’s very loyal to his friends, and he’s got a very scary temper that only shows up if people he cares about are in danger. 

But 9 times out of 10 he’s just a nerd. He likes to speak with big words and talk about science. And read. And talk about the stars (His last name is a play on greco-egyptian astronomer Ptolemy). He’s a problem solver, and whenever he has a good idea, the runes on his body actually get brighter. 

I’ve noticed that a lot of the demons that’ve come into play thus far are elemental based, so I went straight with an Ice elemental because i love ice themed things??? So yeah I’m gonna impale stuff with ice bolts and then the murder weapon will melt so they’ll never find me. In actuality, I think he’d come from a really barren, ice planet whose residents are all really stuffy, aloof, and all around cold-hearted, so Braun is sort of odd in the fact that he’s a little bit naive and genuinely kind. 

As my demon, he’d be more than comfortable lending me his powers and letting me fight shit in his stead haha. He honestly just wants someone to be his companion so he isn’t so damned scared to explore. I don’t know, maybe I like it when someone trusts me that much?  

also, I just wanted to say that designing him was… interesting. I wanted to create a simple design but something that was recognizable. So most of my thoughts went into his facial structure. I didn’t want him to be just a guy with horns, but i didn’t want his design to be so painfully complicated that it was impossible to recreate.